Who I Am

I Grow Plants!

My name is Rosie Nixon. I'm a gardener, photographer and freelance garden columnist. I grew up gardening alongside my grandfather. Not only did he pass on his passion ... in due time I also made it my career. I have over 18 years of experience working with the public in the horticultural industry.


I've created an all seasons wildlife garden right in the heart of Scotland. There I prefer to sit, observe and soak in nature as every season has its beautiful moments. I have an ability to see beauty in the simplest of things. I enjoy observing and capturing the virtual and abstract in the design and patterns of nature. It's amazing how nature handles versatility in bringing it about in its daily struggle.


I find solitude and calm in my garden. It's a place where I can get dirt under my nails, whilst observing how the light falls on the flowers and foliage highlighting colours and texture. I'm surrounded by sights, sounds, smells and textures and having a detailed understanding of flora allows me to observe the beauty and understand it too. Looking at the minute details of the natural world inspires my creativity.


I was a member of the Google Create  team as an expert in my field of gardening and garden photography up until Google closed its platform in April 2019. While Thompson & Morgan listed my gardening blog as one of 7 supreme Scottish gardening blogs in Autumn 2017.  My garden will never win any awards unlike my photography. Let's just say that I'm easily distracted from doing the weeding by anything that flutters, flies, buzzes, creeps or crawls!

What I Do

I Grow Images!

I'm a Perthshire | Tayside garden photographer. While the garden is my very own natural light studio.  I've had Carol Baxter and the BBC's Beechgrove Gardens television film crew in the garden in March featuring my garden photography and the programme was shown  nationally across the UK in April 2018.


I curate a selection of limited edition signed prints through Close Gallery, which is the only independent photographic gallery in Scotland. Furthermore I've had my first solo exhibition 'Saying it With Flowers' there. Recently Outdoor Photography Magazine shared some of my images - Standout images on show in Edinburgh  along with Art Mag and The Edinburgh Reporter.


My work has been featured in the The Herald magazine and Perthshire Advertiser. Plus by the Press Association in the Irish News, TV 3 Ireland and Belfast Newsletter. I've written about garden photography for Learn From the Experts.com. It's the largest horticulturalist school online where internationally acclaimed garden designers such as Noel Kingsbury and John Brookes are writers.


One of my portfolios is listed with a Picture & Artist Agency in London and I license images for the home decor industry. Practical Photography magazine featured my floral images over 5 pages in their Spring 2016 edition. Many years ago Jay Patel featured images from my portfolio and listed me as 'a photographer to watch' on The Landscape Photography Show. I think he might have been on to something LOL!

When I Garden

I Grow in Learning

Perennial plants come and go especially in the parts where the soil is heavy clay. Sometimes it's a challenge to keep the plants alive from year to year.  The lowest recorded temperature was in 2010 when the garden reached -17.4℃. After having three previous gardens this one has been the most difficult. In other words I learned quickly that I had to plant what would survive rather than plant my favourites.

Plant losses are inevitable to every gardener but it always presents the opportunity to try something new in the garden.

The garden has a very relaxed, naturalistic and informal planting scheme. Nevertheless there are still strong lines of design. Consequently it gives a sense of order especially when viewed from one of the windows above.

When I Garden

I Share with Nature

I designed the garden focusing on biodiversity. Due to habitat loss I abandoned herbicides. Nowadays I plant with wildlife pollinators in mind along with creating something that's pleasing to the eye. I leave the seed heads on plants over the winter to provide free board and keep for the wildlife! I choose flowers that have nectar rich qualities but it's not all about flowers is it?

In particular I choose plants for their seasonal interest along with their contrasting foliage texture. The borders are like a piece of embroidery rather than drifts of prairie planting. After all many plants were impulse buys! I break colour rules as I tease my imagination while encouraging self sown seedlings to wander and intermingle. The end result is an informal garden where I can relax with my family and observe nature. Along with me ...my garden and photography will always be a work in progress.