Hello and welcome to the archives section!  My name is Rosie Nixon and I'm the gardener, writer, photographer and artist behind the garden gate at leavesnbloom.com. Have you any questions about gardening or photography? You'll find many of the answers in the archives as you click on each of the thumbnails. You can also type keywords into the search bar at the very top of the website. 
This page also acts as my 404 page whenever you click on a link that doesn't exist OR one that has been deleted. If you've been directed here from another page and you can't find what you're looking for please get in touch. I'd really appreciate it.  Although it might take a day or two for me to reply depending on my schedule. 

I mainly write about things that happen in my own garden. Consequently not every plant that grows in the UK will get a mention here. I'm in the horticultural business. As a result I work with a wide variety of plants. You can adapt much of what you'll read here to your own garden. There are also tutorials about photography on the blog but not as many as I'd wish. Time restraints and weeding have prevented me from making the photography section as large as I'd like.


So stick around and enjoy digging into my archives!


When you're done head over and like my facebook page leavesnbloom photos. I regularly share interesting pictures from my garden and botanical art. As well as the surrounding Perthshire countryside with its beautiful array of wildflowers. In fact you can message me there too about queries on plants, gardening and photography. Or even join in the conversation. I hope to see you there!



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