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Copyright Policy

All images are ‘all rights reserved © 2009 – current date Leavesnbloom / Rosie Nixon’. I have a shop where I sell many of my images. I sell them as greetings cards, postcards, photographic prints (framed and unframed) and canvas internationally. Your purchased images will have no watermark.

Rights Managed Image Licences - Stock

I only issues rights- managed image licences. Hence the price for usage varies considerably depending on the licensee’s usage requirements. As a result you will never find any of my work on microstock sites. In essence I am a firm believer in fair trade stock photography. Consequently to determine the exact price you’ll need to contact me with the following:
Size of image required?

Is the requirement for use in a book, magazine, commercial or charity brochure or catalogue?

Is it for a print, multimedia, electronic, artists reference?

Advertising, commercial or editorial use?

Is the requirement for use in a book, magazine, commercial, charity brochure or catalogue?

Length of usage time (non-exclusive one time use only, 3, 6 months, 1 year plus etc)? Number of advertising insertions or press run size?

If it's a book - where will it be published?

Print run - how many copies? Format - hardback, paperback or ebook?

Term - usually 3 years placement - front cover, back cover and spine? Publisher or self publishing? Text book or fiction title?

For Artists ...

My photography inspires many artists. From time to time I sell my images to paint or draw from as Artists Reference Material.
Send Rosie a link of the image

Send me the url link that contains the image and a brief description so that I can easily identify it.

The image can be from a blog post, my Perthshire fine art shop or in one of my social media accounts.

Once I receive payment I will issue you with an image release. Then forward you a private gallery link so that you can download the image.

All payments will go through World Pay via my ecommerce website.

Copyright remains with me, Rosie Nixon
You the artist will be given an non-exclusive right to use the image for derivative artwork only.

You cannot publish or use the original photograph for any other purpose. Under these circumstances the copyright of the derivative artwork belongs to you. Accordingly you are free to market the artwork including prints, posters etc for no additional fee.


Finally I embed my copyright, website and contact details on all my online images. Therefore don’t intentionally delete, or hide my copyright notice, image release conditions or clone out my watermark. In effect that shows intent to commit a crime. In that case I will inform your ISP provider. Then I will start proceedings through either the DMCA or the European Council Directive 93/98/EEC of 29 October 1993.

“Everyone has the right to the protection of the moral and material interests resulting from any scientific, literary or artistic production of which he is the author.”